Concert AND Workshop
(Workshop with Katarina 3-6 hours + concert with Katarina & Svante and the ensemble)

– Katarina works with a choir or vocalgroup on repertoire to perform in the concert.
– Svante joins at soundcheck and dressrehearsal
The ensemble performs 1 song (with more rehearsaltime this can be adjusted) together with the duo
– The concert is shared in an appropriate way between the ensemble
and the duo. It is possible the ensemble only performs one piece with the duo.

To work on something that will be performed brings a certain urgency and focus.
It is not only fun and challenging it also makes you address issues that are important for the development for the ensemble on many levels .
If the ensemble chooses to have a longer workshop there will obviously be more time for generic excersises.
A typical plan for this type of event would be that Katarina arrives for an evening rehearsal for 3 hours. The next day the workshop continues 11-14.
If the performance starts at 19.30 there would be a soundcheck and dressrehearsal at 17.30 -18.30.