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the real group academy


A Lifetime takes a lifetime to fullfill

Katarina Henryson and Peder Karlsson (3h incl 2X15 min breaks) Suitable for groups and choirs.

– Develop your ensemble ´s rythmical awareness

– Work with the sound of your group

– Basic improvised riffsinging

– Work with stage presence

– How do you deal with the group dynamics of your ensemble?

– Talk about collective creativity leadership and artistry

Two of the original members from the professional Swedish vocal group – The Real Group – Katarina Henryson and Peder Karlsson share their unique experience with the vocal ensemble, life and the world in general in focus.

The Real Group has existed since 1984.

Curiosity and sustainability are words that can be associated with the success of the group.

Are there any secret tricks to create an environment where these qualities thrive?


The musical journey as well as the human journey Katarina and Peder made together with the 3 other founding members is a base from which both methodological, pedagogical, philosophical and most of all artistic the ideas derive as well as thoghts about collective creativity and collective leadership.


Since 2010 in Peder´s case and in 2016 in Katarina´s , the two have left the vocal group and work individually but with this workshop they join forces again in The Real Group Academy.


The workshop can be designed to fit your ensemble and can range from 1 hour to 2-3 day camp.


Your ensemble should prepare one or two songs that can be used as vehicles for different exercises or songs you just want to develop and work on in general.