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Katarina short bio

Singing has been her chosen means of expression ever since her early schooling at Adolf Fredrik´s Music school, through her training at the Stockholm Royal Academy of Music and during the 1990´s when she was active as studio and backing vocalist in the fields of pop and soul.

Since 1984, as one of the founding members of the vocal group The Real Group, Katarina has contributed to a unique ensemble. Her flexible alto and distinctive stage presence make her a cornerstone in the group, whose numerous recordings and countless international appearances have made it a Scandinavia model in the field of vocal music.

Off stage Katarina composes and writes lyrics with jazz and folk music forming the starting point of her music-making. Her vocal style is direct and artless and her singing has been described as ”soul –madrigal”.

Her experience as a workshop-leader with models for for choirs and vocal ensembles is as vast as the artistic career. Positive reinforcement and collective creativity are keywords in her practice of artistic leadership

Lately she has developed a specific interest in improvisation the anatomi of listening and group dynamics.

In 2015 the Duo cd ”High Low Or in Between” together with Svante Henryson was released on BIS/Naxos.

Photo: Jann Lipka