”Long Time – You’ll See” is an artwork at the crossroads of visual arts, performance art, vocal improvisation work, land- and participatory art. 

A sonic manifestation of sustainability where everybody is welcome to participate.

Foto: Tina Axelsson

“The singing or rather the sounds we create are not regarded as good or bad but as something that carries us through the piece where all voices are equally important.”

Katarina Henryson, creator, artist and project leader of Long Time – You’ll See.

For more information please visit longtimeyoullsee.se

Previous performances:

2019 July 21 (17.00 – 20.00)

Upcoming performances:

2020 July 12 (17.00 – 20.00)

2021 July 11 (17.00 – 20.00)

2022 Date to be decided (July)

2023 Date to be decided (July)

2024 Date to be decided (October)

2025 Date to be decided (February)

2026 Date to be decided (April)

2027 Date to be decided (July)

2028 Date to be decided (July)