Songs of the Moment Nordic

The group started in January 2013 as a pilot project to explore how Nordic improvised music would sound.

Besides small performances (jazz club and in private homes) the group performed at KOM Teatteri/Helsinki, Hofteatret/Copenhagen and Folkoperan/Stockholm.

The performance is completely improvised about 65 minutes long but can of course appear in many shapes and forms.

The members are:
Katarina Henryson and Morten Vinther The Real Group
Soila Sariola and Jussi Chydenius Rajaton
Lene Nørgård, Zap Mama, Vox North
Kristian Skårhøj and Morten Mosgaard freelancing singers and formerly Vox North
Ilkka Herkman from Rajaton does the sound.

The feedback we get is very touching and positive from audience as well as organizers so far.

This is what somebody wrote recently: 
”Forget a traditional choir concert when Songs of the Moment goes on stage.
Here, to the extent turned upside down on everything. While the singers conjure with
voices have the same time the energy to get the humor
and madness loose. It is poignant and inventive. It is unique”